Our Services

Home Cinema Solutions

Making of a cinema solution in a room is an art of visibility and science of experiencing. The physics is properly applied to ensure a quality sound and image in the room.A dynamic home cinema makes more of video with suiting audio to feel the reality in every pixel flow and every track in a movie, music or speech.

Home Theatre Solutions

Mycinema designs home theatre solution with Restriction to the number of channels in audio and video solutions to suit small size rooms and living areas considering the application and room physics of every Installtion.

On Go Entertainment

Bluetooth connected Speakers with inbuilt battery which keeps you engaged with music or education. Mycinema is partnered with bose for on go entertainment system

Design and Installation

This is unique activity in mycinema which is done to world class standards for best experience of products and solutions installed. Best care and most of the time is spent in design and installation engineering work with in-house engineers , well trained professionals to execute.

Service and Support

Fundamental policy of imageicon group is service and support for product and solutions supply and installed.Even though its engineering and we do not manufacture product, we stand by the customer for any service or support needs and with variety of options we execute the maintenance with full activated knowledge to reduce the e-waste of the supply.